Kayaking At The American River Festival

This weekend I attended the American River Festival where I paddled a plastic slalom boat for the first time in a race.  I placed first in cadet girls and managed to get all my gates on my second run.  The middle of the course was a bit challenging with a hard ferry over the river, but I had worked hard on the moves in practice and did them very well.  Then I did the topoduo with my Dad, It was pretty challenging but I managed to get second, my Mom and Dad paired up and beat me! I also did a topduo race with both of my parents, first my Dad and I did a run, then my Mom and I, but we didn't place because they didn't break it up in categories.  I hope to get a glass boat for the future, and look forward to taking some slalom classes from Jessica Subido.  Next stop-The Moke river races!