Climbing in Yosemite

This weekend I went rock climbing with my family in Yosemite Valley.  There were a lot of people in our group, but only a few climbers.  I climbed my favorite route, Munginella, a 5.6, and Sunnyside Bench, both multi-pitch climbs, as well as several Swan Slab routes including Claude's Delight, a 5.7.  This is now one of my favorite route. While we were climbing on Sunnyside Bench, we heard a rockslide and could see the dust by Curry Village.  It was really loud.  We found out no one was hurt, but the next morning while we were still in bed, we heard another rockslide and my Dad got up and rode his bike over to Curry Village to see if our friends were ok, they had mentioned they were going to take a shower early in the morning.  They were in the showers when the slide happened, and when rocks and broken trees hit the showers, they all ran out.  A few people were hit by small rocks and injured, including one kid with blood all over his head, but it was just a cut.  Several tents and cabins were destroyed by the rockslide.  The next day it was very cold and even snowed on the valley floor.  We had to leave the next day, and drive the long way because Tioga Pass was closed.  It was really icy by Kirkwood and there was one car accident there, but we got home safe so we could go to the diabetes walk on Sunday.