Why we love this place!

We love living in Carson City!  There are not a lot of places where you can ski on Saturday and kayak on Sunday, but that is just what we have been able to do.  Sage has started her Jounior Expedition Team skiing at Kirkwood Mountain Ski Resort in California and had a Giant Slalom race this weekend, competing with about 60 other kids and finishing in the top 20. It was a warm day and the racecourse was very hard and icy, but all the kids had fun.  Next competiotion is a Rail Jam in February so terrain park practice has begun. On Sunday, we hit the Chili Bar section of the South Fork of the American River.  It had been about a month since she had run this section, so aside from a little first rapid jitters, she rocked it!  The highlight of the day was when Sage tried to paddle through first threat on the sticky river right side but was sucked back in and performed a few unentendo cartwheels before losing her paddle and flushing out, then doing a hand roll right in front of Mom and Dad--we were ecstatic.  After that high, the rest of the river was unimpressive and Troublemaker was just a bump in her boat.

With the super, unseasonably warm temperatures we are experiencing in the Sierra Nevadas, Skiiing hasn't been that great but we have been able to hit the Reno White Water Park several days a week.  In fact, We just ordered a racing slalom boat for Sage for spring competitions!

GS race at Kirkwood