Being Coached by World Campion Ruth Gordon!

This is turning out to be a very exciting year for kayaking!    It all started when I was asked to be on Team Reno for the Reno River Festival which meant I was going to be trained by the woman's world champion, my adopted big sister Ruth Gordon.  I was going to be the the intermediate kayaker and there were 3 other people who were picked to be on the team who had never boated before.  Unfortunately, the sponsorship fell through and Team Reno was dissolved, but Ruth called me and asked if she could still train me to compete in the Rodeo!  I have been meeting her at the whitewater park on the Truckee river at least twice a week and am really getting good at spins and am trying to turn my plug into a loop.  It's hard work but I am having so much fun.  I hope to have a loop and cartwheel by the Reno River Festival about a month away.  You can get information at working on my spins