My Ski Race Season Wrap Up

Well, it's been awhile since we updated The Sage Page, but we promise to stay a little more on top of it for kayak season.  Sage is a member of the JETS (Junior Expedition Team) at Kirkwood Mountain Ski Resort and competes in several different races in the season including a Rail Jam, GS, Banked Slalom, Skier cross and All Mountain Competition.  Sage (nickname Powder Day Sage because we are up there whenever it is snowing) managed to get two 3rd places this year, 1 in the Rail Jam and 1 in the All Mountain Competition.  As usual, she was the only female that managed to place in her age category which had over 60 kids total!  The All Mountain Competition was the highlight of the season.  The kid's pick their own route off Norm's Nose and are scored on their technique, aggressiveness and style.  Sage picked a route with a commitment chute on top, point and go until you can finally turn, then jumped off a large rock and finished it with a 180 jump over the lip of the finish line.  We quit skiing in March to commit to kayaking, but look forward to next year.  See ya on the river Fling off a rock on Norm's Nose

Sliding a rail backwards