Freestyle National Championships!

This year, Freestyle Nationals were held at the amazing PigeonRiver in Hartford, TN at the NOC Outpost.  We drove straight from Outdoor Retailer/Canoe and Kayak Awards to The Pigeon so I could get about 6 days of training in after over a month out of my play boat because I was slalom racing in Europe.  As soon as we arrived, I hopped in the water to start feeling out the hole.  It was a little different from last year because it had been washed out, but the raft guides had done an amazing job at rebuilding it!  I was having a great time training and was getting all of my moves plus learning how to entry move so I was stoked for the competition.

    On competition day, a bunch of awesome Jr. Women showed up to compete and we had a total of 5 in our class, almost all of them being between the ages of 11 and 14!  Everyone was super excited for it to start and we all warmed up in the low, flat water  while waiting for the water to arrive from the dam above.  Once the water was down to the feature, all of the Jr. Women jumped in for a quick warm up, then it was go time!  my first ride was pretty good, getting my entry move, loop, space godzillas, mcnasty, and felix, but my second ride for prelims was awesome!  I got my Mcnasty, loop, space godzillas, felix, phonix monkey, and cartwheels! That ride put me in first going into finals, it was also my new high score (650)!   

    After everyone else’s prelims were finished, it was time for finals.  Jr. Women were first again and I was pumped.  I got my entry move again on my first ride, and most of my tricks, but was only able to pull off a 480.  In the end, I was 1st, Rowan Stuart was 2nd, Sierra Wainer was 3rd, Cat Hardman was 4th, and Kathryn Walker was 5th.  Huge thanks Chris Wing and Risa Shomoda and everyone who helped with and organized the event, and NOC for letting us use their awesome facility!     

Here are the final Results. Sadly, there were no women that competed in the National Championships.


Jordan Poffenberger - 960

Seth Chapelle - 760

Tad Dennis - 660

Hank Hibbert - 250

Jeff Harris - 0

Micajah McCurry

K1 Women, Jr.

Sage Donnelly - 480

Rowan Stuart - 400

Sierra Wainer - 170

Cat Hardman - 40

Catherine Walker - 20

K1 Men, Jr.

Hunter Katich - 1630

Bennett Smith - 1230

Miles Murphy - 580

Kenya Ingram - 510

Devon Wainer - 280

K1 Men 

Mike Patterson - 1250

Tommy Yon - 1170

Matt Anger - 1050

Yonton Mehler - 870

Brad Caldwell - 300