Pit River 2015

Although I was only home for a short time this fall, I was able to get on another awesome river in California before paddling season ended, (well it never ends for me, but there aren’t anymore big releases) this time, with my whole family!  The Pit River had it’s final release of the year a couple of weeks ago (thanks AW!) and there was no way I was going to miss it!  The Pit and I go way back and some of my first memories are rafting and K2ing with my mom and dad on the class two section.  I learned to ride my bike in the campground after paddling, and it was also one of the first class 4’s I ever ran back when I was 8.  I actually hadn’t been able to make the releases the passed 4 years so I was really excited to get back on it! I was especially excited to run the 35 foot waterfall! 

    The Pit is an amazing river, cutting through a volcanic canyon with incredible views the whole way down of every fall color you could think of as well as turtles, bald eagles and blue herons everywhere!  It is yet another fortunate river to have annual releases through American Whitewater!  This year was extra special though because I was finally going to run the 35 footer half way down the class 4 section!   We got there the afternoon of the day the releases started and I was bouncing off the walls (My parents wanted to strangle me)!  As soon as we parked, I was jumping into my gear and running down to the river!  My dad, mom, and I met up with our good friend Scott Sady who was going to show me the line down the falls and also take some epic pics of my first time down!  When we got to the falls, Scott and I hopped out to scout it and watch some people run it. After envisioning my line, I was feeling good so I walked back up to my boat and hopped in, splashed my face a few times, and was ready to go!  It was epic!! So epic that I did it three times with clean landings ever time!  We had time after the first run for another quick lap before dark, so my dad and I did a sprint lap, this time running the 25 ft slide next to the falls-always a fun 1!

    The second day of release, my dad, mom, Scott and I headed out early from the campground (the take out for the class 4, put in for class 2) to get a run in before the release ended.  When we came to the falls, I did a quick run on the 35 after, then jumped over to the Fish Ladder side (yes, 3 possible ways to run the drop) and nailed the 10 ft book, which is followed by a 4 ft book, which is leads into a bumpy slide that places you below the falls-so I managed to get 2 new personal descents on the same river run!  


We finished the river with big smiles and high stoke for the next day of awesome kayaking!! 

If you find yourself in California in the fall-this is a must do run!


See you on the River!