2015 GoPro Mountain Games

II’m a little late in posting, but here is my update on one of my favorite events, the GoPro Mountain Games in Vail, Colorado.  Sadly, this year I was only able to do two events, the Steep Creek Race and the Freestyle (I usually also do the 8 ball and SUP events which are on Sunday)  because I had team trials on Monday.  

    I arrived at Homestake (the creek the race is held) on the morning before the comps started. It was a lot lower than last year so the middle mank part was a little gnarly, but luckily the big drops were easier to boof and less sticky.  After watching some people run it and memorizing my lines I was ready to get in some practice laps!  I was luck enough to have Adriene Levknecht to lead me down on my first few runs!  After few race laps, I was feeling solid on all of the lines, so we packed up and headed to the hole for some freestyle practice in downtown Vail.

    After a quick session at the play wave, we went back up to Homestake to sleep.  The next morning was race morning and I was really excited!  I looked at the creek again, did my usual warmup, and was feeling great! There were only 4 women so we had two qualifier runs and one finals run, but none of us were cut.  My first two runs were pretty solid except for two small mess ups (one piton and one accidental eddy catch) which put me in third.  I did some video review and talked with my dad about my lines and was ready for finals! My last run was really smooth and I was really happy with it!  After Nouria Newman and Adriene had finished their runs I managed to pull out a second place with Nouria in first and Adriene in third!  It was amazing being able to race against some of my role models.  

    That evening, I had freestyle prelims, so right after the creek race I grabbed my play boating gear and drove down to the hole to get warmed up.  I was feeling pretty good with my routine and after a competitive prelims I was third going into semis!  Sadly, I wasn’t able to pull it together in semis and didn’t make finals, so we packed up and headed to Glenwood and figure out the wave for Team Trials! 

Podium from Homestake Creek Race

Podium from Homestake Creek Race

    As always, The Vail Mountain GoPro Games were fun and exciting and I look forward to competing there next year!