I Was Featured in a Heli-Drone Promo!

This spring, I had the pleasure of acting in a commercial for a new waterproof flying drone made by Lilly Robotics, which was filmed on the American River.  The Lily comes with a special wristband that emits a signal that the heli-drone follows which you program to fly in front of you, behind you, and control how far away and how high you want it to fly!   

    We started the shoot on flat water, with professional snowboarder Jussi Okasanen. It was his first time in a kayak and we dressed him in our spare Kokatat gear and put him in a  

Jackson Kayak Zen. Were able to get him out on some small rapids with no flips or swims (he was a total natural).  After we did some shots together, I floated down to a class three rapid called Trouble Maker to get some epic boofing shots. Once we finished up there we went down stream to get some more flatwater shots showing how the Lilly is waterproof and can even fly out of the water!

    The next day, I got to practice my on land acting skills. I had a little brother and sister, grandparents, and my mom even got to play…my mom! We did some fun scenes in a beautiful home that had an everlasting pool that looked over the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range. Then we went to do some outdoor shots with everyone, including my new “grandma” who was able to show us her skills by throwing the Lily in the air so it could take off and get some great 360 degree view shots.  

    If you are looking for an easy way to get new shots and not use a selfie stick, you should check out “Lily”! It was really amazing opportunity to be able to be in their promo video and I can’t wait to get my own! go check out the video!