Truckee River Races

I just got back from my whirlwind 7 week tour of whitewater competitions in Colorado and I had a blast! 


 This month has been very busy for me.  It started out with the Truckee River Races in Reno, Nevada where I ran the Downriver Race on Saturday and the Slalom Races on Sunday.  I placed first in both of the races and qualified to compete in the Junior Olympics as a Cub Cadet this summer in Canada!  It was also the first time I paddled my new fiberglass slalom boat.  It is super fast and fun to race in- and it’s orange!

After the races we packed our van and drove to Colorado for several weeks of kayaking on rivers and competing in rodeos, clinics and races all over the state.  We started out at Glenwood Springs where the river was running about 15,0000 cfs, way bigger than I’m used to seeing rivers flow, and surfers on surfboards were riding it like they do in the ocean.  It took a lot of tries but I finally caught the wave!  Team Trials were held here and I was the only female cadet who competed.  I was able to catch the wave and front surf it but it was super flushy and I had a hard time staying on it After team trials , we drove to Buena Vista on the Arkansas River where I helped teach a kids clinic with Dane Jackson and Lauren Buress.  It was a lot of fun and the kids had a great time playing Red Rover and chase around the pond.  After the clinic My family and I ran Browns Canyon and the Fractions on the Arkansas River. It was a blast! We then hit the Golden Community Rodeo where, as usual, I was the only girl in the cadets and I placed 4th over all.

Sage and Dad on the Glenwood Wave


After Golden we hit the Buena Vista whitewater park and ran the Numbers section of the Arkansas River.  It is a solid class 4 section and I ran it with my Mom and Dad, fellow Team Jackson members Devon Barker and Alec Vorhees and Devon’s friends Kat and her husband David.  The Numbers was super fun and it was the first class 4 I ran in my Shooting Star.  To top it off, I only had 2 braces the whole run!

Kids clinic in BV



Our next stop was the Lyons Outdoor Games where they have a large cadet competition on the South St. Vrain creek.  It attracted a lot of participants, including fellow Reno paddler Trevor LeMay!  There were 14 kids total in the cadet rodeo and, as usual, I was the only girl and there was only one other 8 year old, my friend Henry Hyde from Texas.  It was a tough competition and I was second, with fellow Jackson team mate Alec Voorhees taking first.  After the rodeo, I ran the slalom race and placed second in Jr. girls behind fellow Jackson paddler Lauren Buress.  I had a blast!

2nd place ride



After Lyons it was off to Fibark for another rodeo with a large junior class.  There were 4 of us under 10 so they broke the results down and made a cadet class where I placed second again, and then I raced in the Slalom races where I once again placed second to my friend Lauren Buress.

2nd place slalom in Lyons, Co


Our final destination was the Gunnison River Festival in Gunnison, Colorado.  The wave there was huge  and I managed a few practice runs, but was super happy to find out the cadet rodeo was on a much smaller wave.  I met Evan and Anna Schehrer and we had a great time competing.  I was able to stay on the wave the entire 45 seconds and did spins and shuvits on each side-I had a ball!  I managed to get my 1st first and also competed against my first girl ever!  Hopefully other girls decide to compete and we can get our own cadet girls class!

Gunnison Rodeo First Place!



Back in Carson City now where the only rivers running are American Whitewater scheduled releases.  Lots of fun still to be had and lots of rivers/races/rodeos still to be run!  

Biking in Gunnison




Excellent gluten free cookies!

I now have 2 favorite healthy cookie recipes I can make.  I don't need insulin when I eat these cookies!  

Peanut Butter Macroons


1 cup natural peanut butter

1/2 C agave nectar

1 egg

1/2 tsp baking soda

dried coconut-just dump in one cup and stir, continue adding more a little at a time until the batter acts like real cookie dough and rolls around the bowl in a large clump, then make semi flat cookie shapes on an ungreased cookie sheet

Bake for about 8 miutes at 350, let cool for 15 min on sheet, then transfer to a cooling rack

make about 14 cookies


Coconut carob cookies

melt one package of unsweetened carob chips in a saucepan

add unsweetend dried coconut (about 2 cups) slowly while stirring until the mixture acts like cookie dough and rolls around in a big clump.

place spoon size cookies on wax paper and let harden

once again, no reaction on my bloodsugar!

Celiac disease

I was just diagnosed with celiac disease which tends to be fairly common among diabetics.  Celiac disease is a gluten intolerance, which means I can't have any wheat products.  It acts like an allergen in my body, causing my intestines to swell and then they can no longer absorb nutrients so I actually stop growing.  I can't tell if it happened because of diabetes, or was a cause of it that was just discovered.  We opted out of the invasive intestinal biopsy, and instead are going the alternative route, but most importantly are excluding gluten from my diabetes.  Diabetes can be limiting, celiac disease even more, add to that thefact that I am a vegetarian and the food is even more limited, but I love fresh veggies and fruit and and we are looking into rice and other alternatives.  More on this as it progresses.

Recipes for diabetics

As you know, diabetes is not about sugar, its about carbs.  I have some favorite recipes that don't affect my blood sugars and are very tasty!  

Peanutbutter balls

1/2 cup all natural peanutbutter

2 cups unsweetened coconut

mix well, form into balls and keep in the fridge for quick snacks anytime


Homemade Chocolate

6 cups raw, unsalted cashews

4 cups coconut oil, warmed to liquid

2/3 cup xylitol

1/2 cocao or carob powder

mix in a blender, pour into a pan and keep refrigerated.  Cut into bite size chunks and eat anytime1


Some excellent alternatives for sweeteners that don't affect my blood sugar are

xylitol-can be used just like sugar

Agave nectar-use like honey