First Ever World Paddler Awards

I have to say, I am honored and humbled about being nominated for the first ever World Paddle Awards!.  Even though I have yet to hit the international circuit because of my age, my accomplishments were noticed, and I am competing with a lot of older "juniors" (17-19) who have world champ titles and lots of international racing and experience-so cool to be among them!

If you are interested in voting, I am posting a link to my page, but please feel free to look and vote for the other athletes, and definitely check out each category and vote for those you feel deserving.  To vote, click on the athletes photo, scroll through their bio, and at the bottom, click on the social media icons that you are a member of-Facebook, Twitter and Google +, you can vote on all 3 to make your vote count more.  Please don't forget to share and encourage others to vote!

I am currently training for the 2015 Slalom Jr. Worlds-my first international competition, which is late April in Brazil-more info soon!




Fundraising Earrings! Proceeds Benefit American Whitewater

For several years now, I have been creating my own designer earrings from semi precious stones that can commonly found along the river.  They are $10 to $15 a pair, and $5 of each sale goes to American Whitewater.

This photo:  $15 a pair with $5 going to AW

American Whitewater is a national non-profit with a mission “to conserve and restore America's whitewater resources and to enhance opportunities to enjoy them safely.”

This photos: $10 a pair with $5 going to AW

If you are looking for a unique gift, please consider purchasing my earrings and helping out American Whitewater.  Contact me for further inventory. Shipping is only $2 no matter how many you buy!

This photo: $15 with $5 going to AW

This photo: $15 with $5 going to AW

his photo: $15 with $5 going to AW

This photo: $10 with $5 going to AW

This photo: $15 with $5 going to AW

This photo: $15 with $5 going to AW

Thanks for your support!