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I Was Featured in Diabetes Health!

Here's an excerpt. 

It’s likely if you tossed the fearless Sage Donnelly over Niagara Falls, she’d probably emerge from the churning waters at the bottom exalted over the ride, as long as she was in her kayak rather than one of those old-fashioned wooden barrels.

The truth is, she could probably master the barrel, too.

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A View From My Helmet: Vail Mountain GoPro Games, Homestake Extreme Creek Race

Here is a quick video of the Homestake Race at the Vail Mountain Games I made using my GoPro video camera. Enjoy the view from my helmet!

13 year old Sage Donnelly wins second place in the GoPro Mountain Games, Homesteak Creek Race in Vail, Colorado. 2014. For more about Sage Donnelly visit: